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What was the Investiture Controversy?

What was the Investiture Controversy? In the conflict between Pope Gregory VII and Emperor Henry IV, and between Thomas Becket and King Henry II, who had the best weapons and what was the outcome of each dispute? where did the ultimate power in medieval society rest? why?

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    The Investiture Controversy was a disagreement in the 11th and 12th centuries,usually between the Papacy and the Holy Roman Emperors,but occasionally with other rulers as well, over who had the ultimate right to appoint holders of clerical positions in a kingdom or realm.

    The Popes won each of the examples you give,as the Pope had the weapon of Excommunication.

    Ultimately power rested with the monarchs,as they could use force as long as they had the will to do so, but often were afraid of Excommunication, so usually shied away from this method.

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