How to Kill/Stop a Kokopelli?

A Kokopelli is a God on a smaller scale according to Native American lore. It is somewhat of a prankster, but it mostly a fertility God who plays a flute and brings forth good weather and crop growth. It's also said the Kokopelli impregnates many women after playing the flute.

What I'm wondering, is how would you kill a Kokopelli if it went rogue or began to actually hurt or harm the people in the town in some way.

I'm asking this not because there's an actual Kokopelli, but for an RP session I'm running from the Supernatural RPG. So don't worry. I'm merely curious if anyone knew anything on the matter or had any clever ideas.

I was thinking of burning the flute in the same material it was made from (a maple tree that can be found in many places in the US) as it seems to be the source of the Kokopelli's power.

But, I was wondering if there was an actual legend on a Kokopelli being killed or stopped or even turning 'evil'. It would be a big help.


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    Poor Kokopelli! Now the white people want to kill him off too!

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    properly, there is that floor resemblance in that they are the two horn-gamers (oh, what might Freud could desire to declare approximately that?). although, they seem to be 2 categories of characters. Kokopelli is the, ah, fairly lecherous trickster parent, who additionally has some exciting institutions with fertility and animals. Moroni is the angel that exposed the golden pills to Joseph Smith, subsequently turning out to be Mormonism. Moroni does not have the fertility association, yet does have association with conflict, as he replaced into the son of a Hebrew conflict-chief. curiously, 2 diametrically antagonistic figures. yet, if a trickster parent is, in truth, somebody that crosses obstacles and shakes up the status quo, then a case ought to be made that the two Kokopelli and Moroni are tricksters of their very very own spectacular. Moroni does not reveal the usually happening lecherous habit considered in maximum tricksters, yet he does, in truth, rewrite Biblical historic previous and create an completely new faith. And regardless of if it is not shaking up the status quo, i don't be attentive to what's. It beneficial did exchange the yankee panorama, a minimum of.

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    He is mischief, I would never harm the spirit of Kokopelli; he is good and much sought after.

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    It's very obvious you don't know anything about Native American "lore"

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