What's the best prank call you've ever made?

I was at my friends house for a sleepover with a couple of other friends. Being bored, we decided to use our "Free calls after seven" minutes to prank call numerous people. We searched through our phone contacts and picked out our friend, who's a proper badman. We then proceeded to call him up. We started telling him in the most convincing male voice possible that we where coming down to his house and where going to get him arrested for dealing weed and keeping dangerous weapons (seven inch knifes, anyone?) under his bed. He completely flipped out and told us he was going to "cut your f*cking balls off and feed them to my dog". We started telling him how we saw his tiny d*ck in the changing rooms, so he should stop telling everyone he had a "7 incher". We couldn't get another word in edgeways after that, as he continued to tell us how he was going to trace our number and when he found out who we "p*ssys" where, he was going to come down with his gang, find us all and shoot us. It was soooooo funny :'D

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  • Amy(:
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    10 years ago
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    LOL :')

    at a sleepover, me & my friend rang this boy who is possibly one of the rudest, ugliest boys ever with an ego the size of mars & my friend put on this really fake girly voice & was saying things like 'hey baby, i really want you' and stuff like that & about how he had the biggest dick known to mankind & he was like 'who is this? meet me in town' so my friend said 'for sex?' and he was like 'yeah babe' and saying all this stuff about how he makes women orgasm just by being in the same room as them. In the end my friend did her best attempt at doing a mans voice (which was horrifically bad.) and said 'i'll meet you in ten, bigdick' and he said he wasn't bent and was gonna trace our number cause his dad was in the mafia & we were gonna get bashed. he still has no idea it was us.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

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  • 10 years ago

    I've never really done any prank phone calls. But my mother (yes, during her adult years) and her best friend prank called the health department, and it was sooooo funnnny.

    But it was one of those 'you'd have to be there' stories. It's just not as funny when you tell a story about it.

    EDIT: One of the previous answers reminded of a prank call better than the one my mom did. My stepsister called some random lady in the phone book and told her that she was one of her neighbors. She told her that there was a wild boar on the loose in the neighborhood, and to watch out because it was extremely dangerous. Then the lady got all concerned about her dog, and went outside to bring it in the house, lol.

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  • 10 years ago

    Omg' me and my mate lovee making prank calls the best two we ever made where: 1. to this random indian guy, we picked upp the phone and acted like he called uss, then he kept sayin' he never so we cut and called back likee to minutes later and 1 of us pretended to be someones dad, he believed us when we sed was gunna hunt him down and stab him It was hilarious :)

    and the other was too 118 or whatever that number is, we called them and pretended that we couldn't speak english well we asked for a hotel and when the guy asked us where we sed the corner of the earth, it was soo funny and the dude was gettin' bare angry on the phone

    they where much funnier at the time though when you cud actually hear the other person :)

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  • 4 years ago

    Best Prank Call Ever

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  • 10 years ago

    This was when I was in 6th grade, about two and a half years ago on my birthday:

    My two other friends who were at my house decided to call a random number. We ended up calling this Mexican lady that lived about 45 minutes away. We told her that somebody was trying to break in our house. I was the older brother (I can't believe she didn't think I was a girl!), and my two other friends were the little sisters. This went on for about two hours, literally. We kept saying that we were really scared and we lost it. Then we said something about the brother (me) going down to a street and finding where we lived because she asked. Anyways, we eventually we screamed in the phone, saying "OH NO! HE IS COMING FOR US! HELP US, HELP US! HE'S AFTER US!", made some banging noises, and hung up.

    Poor lady. xD

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  • 10 years ago

    My friend was over at my old house and she prank called the police I told her not to but she called the police from my house and started saying the bit from scary movie 2 when the girl says I'm gonna fart in your face im gonna **** in your mouth im gonna piss on these walls and then she hung up the phone rang a few minutes later and the police had traced my number and they told me off lol and I was like no it was my friend then he was saying well can you tell your friend that... and then my friend grabbed the phone and made this big fart noise down the phone then hung up lol then my sister said they rang again and said they were gonna come find us so all 6 of us were freaking out and we tried to run away so they wouldnt know which house we were at then when we were running a police car came driving down the street and because we were quite young he told us to get in the car so we were freaking out and he said where's your address? then he took us to the door and told my parents that we were running around out on the street turns out my parents were looking for us while we were trying to run away from the cops lol it must have been terrible for our parents but it was soooo funny now that I think about it haha :)

    • Anna
      Lv 5
      4 years agoReport

      You and your friend took police time away from real emergencies for your little sick joke. If you want to mAke a prank call do it to a random person or your mates, not emergency services.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I was with my friends; my guy friend called the government's teen helpline thing and told them he'd been using superglue in woodwork and hadn't washed it off properly, got himself 'stuck' when masturbating, was still stuck and had to sit down to a formal dinner with his entire family in 15 minutes. Can't believe they believed that, we were all laughing the entire time.

    Also, it doesn't count but when my brother was 5 (and I was 7) he phoned 999 because I wouldn't let him watch Fireman Sam. Nobody noticed &_&


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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    My friends a big fan of 90's music (this song is "the call" by backstreet boys) , so I made this prank call to her using the *67 thing. I was singing in a guy voice:

    Her: Hello?Hello?

    Me: "Lemme tell ya tha story 'bout the call that changed my destiny!"

    Her: What the f?!

    Me: "Me and my boys went out, just to end up in misery!"

    Her: Ok, this is kinda cool, but its getting really stupid!

    Me: "Listen baby Im sorry, just wanna tell you dont worry!"

    Her: What are you, A prank caller, or the worlds stupidest singer?!

    Me: "I'm goin to a place nearby, Gotta Go!"

    Her: You better go- And not call back!

    She never found out it was me though...

    I also made another one to my aunt last week, but I forgot how it went.

    EDIT: I remembered bout a year ago, my mom tried to order Pizza Hut by phone, but she got the wrong # and it was some crabby old lady. My mom said, "Hello, Pizza Hut? I'd like a medium pepperoni pizza w/ bread sticks and garlic sauce please." Then the lady was like, "THIS ISNT PIZZA HUT! STOP CALLING ME! IM BUSY!" Then, My mom gave me the ladys # and my my mom and I kept prank calling her it was sooo funny!

    Source(s): If you dont know how the song goes, this is it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPN3sL7Jp7M
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  • 10 years ago

    Me and my friend like to prank call at night to random restaurants. Both of our voices haven't changed yet, so we call as woman (pathetic, right?) apparently we do a pretty good job of sounding like woman because we've been called "baby" like 20 times by men... Hmm the best prank call we did was probably when I called subway and complained that they have AWFUL drive-thru service(geddit because subway's dont have drive thrus) I told them my car got towed after I went outside to pee in a bush. the got so PO'd at me.

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