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Where was Poland on the map during World War I and how did it reappear again in World War II?

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    I wouldn't say Poland "didn't exist." It was there -- it just wasn't an independent country. The core of Poland -- the area where most ethnic Poles live and lived, from Warsaw to Krakow, was the easternmost part of the Russian Empire - but it was still a recognizable province, inhabited by Poles, called "Poland."

    The old Kingdom of Poland had been partitioned between Brandenburg/Prussia, Russia, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire back in the eighteenth century. With the nationalist paradigm of self-determination that dominated the Treaty of Versailles, and the allied desire to break up the old Central Powers' territories, Poland was reconstituted as an independent country, picking up territory from the three empires that had partitioned it. After WWII, with the Russians now part of the victorious allies, the Soviet Union added territory at Poland's expense and the Poles got some of Germany's eastern territories in Silesia, etc.

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    Poland and Lithuania were united into one country in the 16th century. Later that country got weak and Prussia, Austria and Russia split its territory and divided it among themselves by 3 separate acts that each took place within a few year gap. Most of Poland was assimilated into Prussia, including Warsaw. Napoleon has had turned some of territories around there into Duchy of Warsaw. The country was soon annexed by Russia. It regained independence when the Treaty of Versailles (peace treaty with Germany after WW1) was signed. It didn't reappear in WW2 but rather during the interwar period.

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    Poland had disappeared as an independent nation in the late 18th century,dismembered and absorbed under 3 Partitions by Prussia,Austria,and Russia. It was reconstituted as an independent state by the victorious allies after WW1 as part of the 1919 Treaty of Versailles.

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    Poland did not exist in the years prior to the end of WW1. Both Germany and Russia owned what became Poland in about 1919.

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