If I am flying EasyJet and have a backpack and a small hand bag do I need to pay extra?

This is my first time flying EasyJet. I was told only 1 overhead bag was allowed, but other airlines don't county a small backpack stowed under your feet as a bag. This usually means I have "1 bag."

Now when I go to add more bags on the website it is only for hold luggage. My bag is small enough not to check. What do I do?

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    As a regular passenger with EasyJet I would recommend that you leave sufficient room in your backpack to accommodate your handbag, when you go through check-in. Also make sure that the backpack will fit into the frame, which is occasionally used at check-in. The permitted measurements, which you shouldn't exceed, are 56x45x25cms. In truth we have never been asked to test our bags in the frame, in many years of flying, which include at least 3-4 return flights per year with EasyJet from Gatwick Airport.

    Whilst the rule is for one bag only, you will find that many ladies recover their handbag after check-in. Should you be challenged at any stage after that it's easy to return your handbag to your backpack. But I'm pretty confident you'll be OK.

    The passengers that EasyJet may test are those whose hand luggage seriously looks as though it may exceed what is after all a generous allowance for a "low cost" airline. There is no weight limit within reason, providing that you are capable of lifting your bag into the overhead locker unaided &, as has already been said, it doesn't exceed the measurement limits.


    Don't have any fears about travelling with EasyJet. They are very fair and I hope you enjoy your experience with them.

    Edit - FAO "GerdP". Kindly refrain from e-mailing me when you don't allow the opportunity of replying. It's not only bad mannered but cowardly too!

  • Gerd P
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    Easyjet is a budget airline, they will charge you for any additional 2nd bag to be brought on the plane, even for a lady's purse.

    Save where the limits set locally are more restrictive, passengers are permitted one standard piece of hand baggage to a volume limit of 56x45x25cm (including wheels and pockets) (“Standard Hand Baggage”). It must fit without force into the gauges provided at check-in or departure gates. No weight restriction applies within reasonable limits — i.e. a passenger must be able to place the piece of luggage safely in the overhead storage bins without assistance.

    In addition to the “Standard Hand Baggage” you may also carry:

    (a) one of the following: An overcoat; an umbrella, or a shawl; and

    (b) one standard size carrier bag of goods purchased from the departure airport.

    If you exceed the allowances described above, you will be required to check additional and / or oversized bag(s) into the hold at check-in or at the gate. You will be charged a bag fee which will be advised to you at that time. Payment can be made by credit or debit card only.

    https://www.easyjet.com/EN/Planning/baggage.html ..

  • Most of the others are correct. easyjet is a budget 'no frills' airline, and as such they are very strict about their 'one pice of hand luggage' rule.

    I once tried to board with my backpack and a small cross body shoulder bag, which was no bigger then the size of a purse, and I was told I would have to put it into my main hand luggage.

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    Easyjet Carry On Baggage

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  • Anonymous
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    GerP is correct. Only one piece of hand luggage per passenger. They will not make an exception for your handbag. Put it in your other bag or put a coat over your arm and the bag under the coat. (My partner does this and so far has got away with it).

    Source(s): Ten to twelve long and short haul flights a year
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    You still go to the gate along with everyone else, they then call on board the people with speedy board tickets first, then those with young children, everyone else is in two groups depending on their boarding number, which relates to how early they checked in. The group with the lower numbers gets called before the others. It will definitely allow you to pick where you want to sit but personally I have never bothered, I'm happy long as I get a seat next to my wife - which I always have.

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    Some people have the carry-on piece, plus the equivalent of a shopping bag, I've never seen that as being a problem, they just let you go through.

  • 1 decade ago

    No that won't be a problem if it isn't too big. For example all women have a purse with them and sometimes they also have a carry-on. They don't charge extra for the purse, so they won't charge you for the small backpack.

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