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what makeup companies do NOT test on animals?

like any animals of any kind whether its mice or dogs.


oh, and don't try and tell me that covergirl doesn't test, because i know they do.

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    Amazing Cosmetics

    Avalon Natural Products



    Bath & Body Works

    Bobbi Brown

    The Body Shop

    Bonne Bell

    Carma Laboratories


    Clarins of Paris

    Clinique Laboratories

    Crabtree & Evelyn Cosmetics

    Crazy Rumors



    Donna Karan Beauty Company

    Duprey Cosmetics

    Earth 2 Jane

    E.L.F. Cosmetics

    Estée Lauder


    Freeman Cosmetics

    Garden Botanika

    Hard Candy

    Hello Kitty

    Jane Cosmetics

    Jason Natural Cosmetics

    Juice Beauty, Inc.

    Kate Spade Beauty

    Lady Mitchum

    La Mer

    Lander Company

    Liz Claiborne Cosmetics


    M.A.C. Cosmetics

    Manic Panic


    Mary Kay

    Merle Norman



    OPI Products


    Physicians Formula

    Powerpuff Girls


    Prestige Cosmetics

    Purity Cosmetics

    Queen Helene


    Smashbox Cosmetics

    Smith & Vandiver

    Stila Cosmetics

    Strawberry Shortcake


    Tom’s of Maine

    Too Faced Cosmetics

    Townley Cosmetics

    Ultima II

    Urban Decay

    Victoria’s Secret

    wet n wild

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    First of all, I applaud you for being cruelty-free ^.^ I think it's amazing that you care about other creatures, and I totally agree with you. As for companies that don't animal test, you can go to various sites that will have an extensive list to view such as If there's a specific brand of makeup you're unsure about, search its name online under something like "Does [insert name here] animal test?", or check the back of the product. Sometimes it will say something like, "Not tested in animals" somewhere small on the back.

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    maximum "drugstore" manufacturers are made by making use of a similar agencies, with a similar components,interior the terrific comparable factories as "intense end" makeup. the kind is packaging, promoting, and reliance on the shortcoming of education interior the common client. CRC (digital camera waiting cosmetics) is a corporation that sells many remarkable makeup lines, none of which attempt on animals...and, as published until now, you are able to continuously verify PETA

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    Great lines that are organic and no animal testing whatsoever are:

    Terrafirma Cosmetics

    Vapour Organic Beauty

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    -The Body Shop


    -Estee Lauder

    -Hard Candy



    -Urban Decay

    Source(s): Worked at Sephora for a couple of months
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    Urban Decay Cosmetics. usually found in ulta or sephora.

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    Urban Decay! :) The best makeup ever!!

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