Girls: cut the B.S. and tell me the truth: why don't nice guys appeal to you as much as jerks?

i dont wanna hear your "nice guys do appeal to me" maybe 1 in 100 girls are attracted to nice guys, but the other 99 are attracted to well... not nice guys. Why?

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    Bad boys, aka jerks, are usually, like I said, USUALLY more physically attractive. They are also a lot of fun to be around. They give you something to look forward to because they're always up to something. You'll never get bored. With a nice guy, it's like what's there to do. You get to know them and then things just get kinda boring. Girls like something to keep them interested, even if there are little changes that are negative because they are creeps. Half the time, girls will go back to jerks because there's something about them that brings you back. It's all part of the chase. It's also a good way to avoid serious relationships. When you're with a good guy, it seems more serious, it may be harder to break up with them, etc.

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    OK so here's the the other girls said, jerks are definitely a challange. You don't ALWAYS want a guy that's mesmerized by you and doesn't give you time to miss him. I've always been attracted to guys like that because honestly, they're the only one's that have really ever talked to me. Nice guys are so shy and never say anything. Thank GOD I'm dating a VERY NICE guy right now, and he started off very clingy, suffocating and couldn't live without texting or calling me. But I coached him through and he is now PERFECT! You sound like a nice guy, so I suggest you ease off a little if you like a girl that's into jerks. Show her that you're into her, but let her come to you sometimes. Don't always be the one to starts convo's and keep some of your compliments to yourself (they get old FAST) We know you think we're pretty (cuz we know we're pretty) and saying it just makes you seem desperate and that is UNNATRACTIVE!! Hang in there buddy, you'll get the hang of us :)

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    I know what your talking about, well MOST guys who are more "physically attractive" are jerks, soooo most girls (im guilty) can't help appealing to the hot guys. I don't think niceness "get's old", but thats me personally, the jerks are temporary, nice guys better in the long run

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    Girls live boring lives bro, they need somebody to take their hand and show them excitement. The kind of excitement that get's their heart racing. So when you have a break from it, you can give her a kiss and she'll be instantly in love with you. It's all about practice and learning. I tell everyone this but nobody seems to understand, once you get how to talk to girls and make them think of you as a suitor not a weak and nice boy who's more scared of the world than they are. Fake it til you make it bro.

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    Nice guys can get boring after a while. Us girls need a little excitement in our lives and a challenge. Usually bad boys are always up to something which we want to chase and they are usually more attractive. Jerks are for if you don't want a serious relationship and are just playing around. NNice guys are if you want a serious relationship.

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    Josh, im not no girl but i am a realist so i shall try to explain to you in my best ability why girls aren't attracted to nice guys.

    To be blunt, whenever a girl refers to a guy as "really nice" or "sweet" they are just using that as a kind way of saying of "im not attracted to him". Don't get me wrong, this is not to say that a guy can't be nice and attractive, it's just that many of the of the negative traits are branded to the idea of a nice guy. For instance a girl might attribute a nice guy as being a person whos incapable of leading or making decisions and as a result turns off the girl because girls like to be lead and brought into the exciting life of a person. No girl wants to be asked "where do you want to go?" because they want you already know the answer to that so that you can add to her life and not take from it.

    Now you may ask, but aren't nice guys providing and adding to her life? Not particularily. What a nice guy does from a "jerk" is give her attention and affection albeit it may be more often than not too extreme. Buying gifts and constantly calling is a sign of submissiveness and screams low status. Girls sometimes stay with guys who are jerks because they don't have that same sign of submissiveness. The jerk will seldom ask the girl what she wants to do because he does what he wants nor will he call quite frequently because he knows that she'll call him.

    What is relevant is understanding the power dynamic that occurs between a girl and female and what sparks attraction.

    Girls are attracted to guys who are confident and have the ability to make decisions irrelevant of whether shes there or not. The man has the power to choose and a girl likes it

    A nice guy on the other hand gives much of his power away to the female by complying to all her demands and often purchasing gifts for which she might consider to be "buying her time"

    This means that jerks are not necessarily what they are going for. After all jerks can be insensitive or be deemed too much of a egotist. However if you can make decisions for yourself, hold a high self esteem and is self-entertaining while being "nice", then you're a winner. After all you'd then carry the wanted attributes of a jerk but be a nice guy as well. The fundamental problem then begins to clear itself. Girls are by nature attracted to high social status and chasing after someone whom they cannot easily attain. Who wants to chase after a nice guy who doesn't even self-assert himself in situations when she decides to go to a party or club with her friends?

    The definition of a nice guy by terms of female standards is usually then a guy who lacks self confidence, has a relatively low self esteem and generally isn't self entertained sucking the energy of a girl who really wants to be just experiencing the ride that you provide.

    Good luck with it


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    Nice guys come in all sorts of packages, mine comes to me covered in tattoos, piercings, and displays a mohawk. I used to go out with nice guys however, they tended to have big egos. My guy is kind, generous, down--to-earth, loves me and actually i think i swear more than he does. He was brought up well, has better manners than i do. He doesn't put others down, likes to stay in the present moment, and is generally a positive person, and is very intelligent - god knows what hes doing with me.

    I love you ewok!

    I guess to answer, i think us girls like to believe there is a bit of 'danger' of the unknown, or the excitement of doing something out of the square, that parents would be horrified about.

    We do love to be naughty and to tell our best friends.

    Nice guys are too safe. Not risky enough. We want excitement in our world.

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    Okay i'll cut the B.S. I know that we say we look for nice guys...most of them are once you get to know em! But lots of us like the bad boyish thing and we loveee drama, we say we hate it but come on if we did would we cause so much and be involved so much. Nice guys don't seem to quench our thirsts if we wanna act a lil dangerously ya know? Good boys are for marrying, jerks are for heartache and titles!!!

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    darlin, this is easy; nice guys are usually unnattractive (UGLY.), they're too shy to ask you out or be upfront with you, and plus, they usually are the unpopular ones. Girls use dating for all kinds of reason- sex (not me ), popularity and all kinds of stuff, jerks are usually the hot popular ones. So whjat if they have an ego :)

    lemme guess, your a "nice guy" ? :P

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    bad boys they often have attitudes, that appeals..

    they have stuffs that they care and stuffs that they dont give a **** abt. u know their bottom line kinda.

    yeah and they wont get boring.. we walk 7 am or 8 down the streets after parties but with nice guys it happens not so often..

    and for me they just feel more down to earth.. im not saying that nice guys aint, but it just feels that way to me.

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