did Bob Marley and the Jacksons perform together?

Jackson 5

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    The Marley Family Remembers Jackson 5's Visit to Jamaica

    The year was 1975, one year before the Jackson 5 officially left Motown, the record label responsible for turning the group into the first black teen idols, appealing to both black and white audiences. It was the year Bob Marley had his international breakthrough with "No Woman No Cry" from the Natty Dread album.

    When asked what they remembered most about Michael Jackson, the Marley's reminisced about this moment in time when the Jackson 5 came to Jamaica on the invitation of Edward Seaga who was (at that time) the Jamaican opposition leader:

    ".... the Jackson 5 concert that was held in Jamaica and their visit to 56 Hope Road. It was a joyous occasion. Jermaine even threw his sweaty shirt to a screaming girl in the front row who happened to be our sister Sharon.


    Photo taken at Bob's house in1975 when the Jackson Five opened a show for Bob Marley in the National Stadium, in Jamaica. Michael is in foot of striped shirt to the left to the side of Bob.


    MJ the King of Pop and the Jackson Five, had been in Kingston Jamaica 1977 when MJ did put out his first Solo Single “Ben”. Bob Marley was the Promoter of an Concert Show to which he had booked the Jackson Five. The Jackson Five, Bob Marley and The Wailers and other Reggae Greats played this Show at the National Stadion in Kingston. Later on Bob Marley and The Jackson Five toured the US together.


    The Natty Dread Tour was a concert tour organised to support the album Natty Dread by Bob Marley & The Wailers. The tour began in Miami, Florida, on June 5, 1975, and ended in Manchester, England, on July 20, 1975. Before the tour started Marley performed a concert along with Jackson Five in March in Kingston.


    Marley recorded an album in Jamaica called Catch a Fire. The album was released to great acclaim in the winter of 1973 and marked a milestone in the development of reggae music. Before the release of Catch a Fire, reggae had been more concerned with singles rather than the finished product of a full album. In its scathing lyrics that sought to indict slavery and colonialism, the album officially launched the era of reggae music. Marley's follow-up album Burnin' featured a more folk Jamaican sound, and garnered the hit single "I Shot the Sheriff." The singer and his group toured Europe and the United States as an opening act for artists like Bruce Springsteen, Sly and the Family Stone, and The Jackson Five.


    YouTube - Jackson 5 performing "I shot the sheriff" by Bob Marley


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    Back in the mid 70's Music was at is best with Funky, Rock ,

    Rhythm & Blues had lot's of Soul

    Sorry kido but their tour together was a sold out show..

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    That would be a horrible show. They are two completely different types of music, so I highly doubt that they would ever perform together.

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    No, I can't even imagine them on the same stage...

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