What's the hardest mission on halo reach?

About to start it on legendary. What's the hardest mission?

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    All the missions are stupidly difficult but if I had to name one to be the hardest it would have to be the last mission: "Pillar of Autumn." It took me close to 4 hours to just finish that mission because it goes on forever. Just as soon as you think you're through, you have 10 more enemies and then your dying over and over again. I don't think you could pay me to play through that level again on legendary.

    Some tips and secrets that helped me get through the level and the game:

    - in Pillar of Autumn, when you're in the boneyard area in a hallway leading to the area with the two hunters, if you move in front of instead of turning right into the entrance, you can jump on the canisters there to get on the roof. Once on the roof, you can then move along and over to the other side giving you a vantage point and you can use what little ammo you have left to hurt the hunters while emile will slowly fight them.

    - General tips, for areas with lots of enemies stay back and pick them off (mainly grunts and brutes) while you are out of sight. There are areas that if you stand so far back, you can pick off enemies without triggering them to pursue you (or they'll pursue incorrectly making them easier to kill).

    - When dealing with elites: You have to use the plasma pistol to take out their shields. Otherwise, prepare to die a lot. In the areas where theres 20 elites, this is a MUST or else you'll never get through the level. Towards the end of the last mission, there were small areas that seemed impossible to get through because of the elites but the plasma pistol was the key to get through them.

    This was the first Halo game I've played the whole way through on Legendary and I did it solo. It sucked and was stupidly difficult. But if I can do it, I'm sure that anyone can do it. Good Luck and have fun.

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    Definitely the one where you escort Cortana to the Pillar of Autumn, in other words the one where Emile Dies. Trust me its a ***** especially against the last 3 or 4 zealots, and the only Field Marshall in the game right before the MAC gun.

    Or Lone Wolf, in trying to survive a long time thats hard. And the game is easier by yourself than with 4 people, with more people means more enemies. Nightfall is easy I never had a problem with that, other challenging ones are ONi, and the one where the "war" starts where you start off with the grenade launcher.

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    I'd have to say Nightfall because there are 2 giant tough creatures, 2 bases you have to capture, it's really dark and hard to see, and not enough sniper ammo to last the whole mission. -P.S. The guy below me said Nightfall is easy just for best answer. He probably did it on easy.

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