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Why do I have a low blood count?

I'm 19 years old and a month and a half ago I had mono like symptoms (fatigue, swollen lymph nodes in neck and armpit, bone pain, etc) so they did blood work and the mono test was negative, and all blood work was normal except my white blood cell count was low at 3.8. A month later I went back to follow up blood work to see if it had gone up any, and this time it was at a 3.7. She said in a month she will test again and if it's not better she will send me to a blood specialist. What could be wrong with me? She is telling me not to worry but it's obviously not nothing.

There is a history of thyroid problems in my family, is there anyway this could be related? (I do have basically EVERY other symptom of an under-active thyroid) but I'm obviously thinking the worst (leukemia). HELP!

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    First, leukemia is unlikely, as that should manifest with increased white blood cell counts.

    As to the hypothyroid question, it should not really have an effect on the WBC's like that, and depending on what symptoms you mean, are some of the same ones experienced with mono.

    As to the mono test, how many times have you been tested and when? The reason I am asking, is that the test is not 100% accurate and may not come back positive right away. For example, my brother had mono last year, and had 3 negative mono tests before it finally came back positive.

    (And a low WBC count is a rare side effect of mono). As to your situation, your doctor has all the info, and has examined you, so i would trust his/her opinion.

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    hi, Sorry to pay attention approximately your dad, i'm hoping issues are recuperating. Blood count huge type could be plagued via alot of countless issues. you're purple blood cells are continuously dieing and being replaced via the physique. once you're cells are dieing, yet no new ones are being made then blood count huge type will drop. in the journey that your dad had a typical blood count huge type which without warning plumeted this could advise that something has these days replaced to cuase this result. The liver and bone marrow have alot to do with the maintenance of the blood, so a substitute in the two of those could reason blood count huge type to drop. in the journey that your dad has a foul weight-relief plan (low in iron as an occasion), this could make a contribution to a low blood count huge type as his physique won't have the mandatory elemants to make new blood cells. The human physique is a superb and complex ingredient exhibiting the two spectacular resilience, and frailty on an identical time. A freind of mine's mum had a stroke which bring about her being clinically determined with maximum cancers. She has because of the fact that recovered and resides the life she used to.

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