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what is the use of dc link in power electronics circuits?

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    A DC link exists between a rectifier and an inverter, for example, in a VFD or phase converter. On one end, the utility connection is rectified into a high voltage DC. On the other end, that DC is switched to generate a new AC power waveform. It's a link because it connects the input and output stages.

    The term "DC link" is also used to describe the decoupling capacitor in the DC link. I assume that this is what you're asking about. The switching network on the output side generates very large transients at the switching frequency. The DC link capacitor helps to keep these transients from radiating back to the input. This can also help prevent the switching network from oscillating or triggering inadvertently at an inappropriate moment and causing a short. Additionally, if the input is not multiple-phase, the capacitor helps provide a source of energy when the input waveform is near zero.

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    If you plugged in an AC supply when it is meant to be DC, throw the unit in the trash! Otherwise, go to WalMart and buy a simple 9V.DC plug pack with a suitable connector plug on it. Ensure the plug has the same polarity as the unit at the socket, that should be marked somewhere the unit's input socket. You (most likely) cannot use just a diode, although the unit itself COULD have filter capacitors within it. You would do no harm by trying just a diode, however. It would be wired in series with either lead, with its anode towards the power supply. The cathode (banded end) becomes the positive wire. That the diode is 3A. is unimportant. But again, check polarity, ensure the positive is connecting to the plug as it is marked on the unit. If it works and there is a big HUM when tried, go to WalMart. But chances are, you have ruined the unit. It would be unrepairable, as all the ICs/ transistors would have gone short circuit. LEDs will tolerate AC, as they are themselves diodes. For how long, though, would be questionable. Did you get its software disc, or is that missing also? Might be stolen property!

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    Dc Link Capacitor

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    what is the use of dc link in power electronics circuits?

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    Two high power AC networks can be connected via a DC link, as that does not require both networks to be synchronized in frequency and phase, which is often difficult or impossible.


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