Bard College at Simon's Rock?

I currently attend a college preparatory high school in downtown Chicago. I've been receiving pamphlets, applications, and I've even been talking to one of the counselors from Bard College at Simon's Rock. It's basically an early (liberal arts) college where students in high school attend after their sophomore or junior year of high school. After two years, I'll get an AA (Associates in Arts?). I really want to go into studying sciences and computer sciences. Specifically, physics/bioengineering or computer software engineering. I don't know much of the college process so I wouldn't know if it would be in my best interest to make an attempt to apply to this college, as a junior. I thought it would be a good move, considering that I'd be taking a lot of AP's next year anyway. But, an AA? Would that really help me in what I want to pursue? And after those two years, would I be able to easily transfer into a top notch science university?

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    9 years ago
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    There are a number of Simons Rock alums working and living in and around Chicago. Be sure to ask your Simons Rock admissions counselor to put you in touch with them. You'll get good info from some recent grads.

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    I'm a big advocate of the liberal arts, but engineering is one thing that they aren't a great preparation for. If you are as set on your goals as you say, I have a hard time imagining you being satisfied with Simon's Rock; I'm sure they have some science and math offerings, but given the school's size, those offerings are unlikely to be at the level you'd want. And since you're going on to advanced studies anyway, there's no particular merit in the AA degree; the only thing that's going to matter is your 2 years of transfer credit.

    With a little research, I think you can probably find an early entrance program at a college or university that is more satisfactory to your needs. Here is a (partial) list: ... You can search the web for "early entrance" and "early admission" to find other programs that may keep a low profile.

    I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the early entrance program at Shimer College, which I attended at age 16, and which as a bonus is located right in Chicago: . Now, Shimer is the very embodiment of a liberal arts school, BUT it also has an articulation agreement with IIT (with which it shares a campus), and I'm pretty sure you can find the science and math courses you're looking for at IIT. Most Shimer students looking for science careers do transfer out, but I can count several professional programming types, an environmental engineer, and an astronomer among my fairly small circle of Shimer-graduate friends.

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