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Civil & Environmental Engineering or Environmental Engineering: same thing?

I am looking to major in some sort of environmental engineering, but many universities have different programs. Some are called "Civil & Environmental Engineering" while others are just "Environmental Engineering."

Are they basically the same thing?

Which one should I pick?

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    Environmental Engineering is a discipline within Civil Engineering. Generally a college curriculum covers many broad topics within the Civil Engineering "major". If the environmental is what you would like to focus on you will be able to choose a few classes that are more geared towards that aspect. i.e. water resources vs. concrete design. The discipline becomes more important when you sit for your license. You will need to decide within Civil Engineering what you want to do. Transportation, Structural, Environmental, etc. I hope that helps answer your question. Good luck.

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    You need to talk to the different colleges to see what their particular programs encompass, but in general:

    Civil is a fairly broad engineering discipline. Environmental is one of the sub-disciplines within civil, which is increasingly separated. Usually, if the major is civil and environmental, you will be given the option to take more courses in a particular sub-discipline, such as environmental, structural, etc. If environmental is its own major, then you may not have to take some of the courses which the other civil sub-disciplines take as basic courses.

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    I think the best way to find out would be to read the program description or to contact the department offering the program.

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