Black Friday is coming up...What's a good children's clothing store that has good discounts and not so crowded?

I want to finish my son's winter clothing i was waiting for a good sale, the thing is my son's bday is on thanksgiving so on black friday we have his 12 month appt, i would have to go before or after,but idk if his daddy its working that day, so i most likely would have to go with Riley, so i dont want to go to Walmart or something like that cause it gets CRAZY. I was thinking more like Children's Place or Carters,something like that, do you know if they're having good sales ? have you been there?

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    As a big Black Friday shopper, here's my take...

    Clothes are way down on the list of things people go out for that day so you don't need to go at 4 am when it's really crazy. Stay away from Walmart & Target - the sale on their clothes probably lasts longer than say on electronics, and it's not likely they will sell out fast because they have more than five.

    Kohls always has a huge sale, but they are always packed. JCPenny usually has a big sale. Macy's has a big sale. Again, there are usually a lot of people there (not as crazy at say Kohls or Best Buy), but chances are the kid clothing section won't be as jammed as others.

    The mall isn't as crazy as Walmart/Target really early unless you're hitting the dept. stores. I find the mall gets busier as the day goes on. Oh, I forgot Old Navy, they usually have awesome deals but they do seem a lot busier than most mall stores. They usually have fleece for $5 every year (yeah, the same ones you shell out $15-$20 for at any other time).

    It all depends on what brands you like to buy. If you want a wide variety, a dept. store would be better, if you prefer one brand to another, hit that store. I've never done TCP on Black Friday but I'm sure they'll be having some sort of sale.

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    Good luck with that! I'd stay away from big discount stores like Walmart, Target, kmart, and Big lots. If it helps, shopping dies down the following saturday.

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    They are all going to be crowded. Target is supposed to have 50% off clothes though. They really aren't like walmart, their selection is a lot better.

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