Bed bugs in nyc...???

i recently heard about this bed bug thing in the city and i was wondering if you could get them from a concert? i was at bassnectar at terminal 5 the other last weekend, and i was wondering if there is a chance that i could get bed bugs from that? also, can you get bed bugs from clothing stores?


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  • 9 years ago
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    Yes, you can get bed bugs from clothing stores because bed bugs infestation has been found in shipments of new clothes.

    But washing and using a dryer will kill them…so, as soon as you get home, just put all your clothes you’re wearing and the new clothes you tried on and might have bought, in a clothes washer and then use the dryer and you’ll be fine.

    Bed bugs are mostly spread because of international travelling and people staying in bed bugs infested hotels and bringing the bed bugs back home in their suitcase and on their clothes. My ex-husband did a lot of international travelling and he would put his dry cleaning clothing into a plastic bag (which I would take to the dry cleaner) and all his other clothes directly in the washing machine. He never brought his suitcase inside the house until it was checked up and all the clothes washed.

    Now, concert seats or theaters seats…those are nasty.

    At least on airplane seats, they use a flimsy Velcro headset (hopefully no louse will get off it).

    According to study, every theater seat has fecal matter…people farting while watching a movie…

    Sitting on somebody else’s fecal matter won’t really hurt you. Just drop your clothes in the washing machine when you get home.

    But what if they have lice in their head and don’t care about spreading it to you? The theater cleaning crew don’t clean and vacuum the seats between shows…they just clean up the popcorns on the floor and pick up the candy wrappers and the empty soda cups.

    I had lice in my head, twice in my life, with that “going out of my mind” itching, which was spread to me by my kids when there was a lice infestation at their school and I was using the same sofa as they did. I had to super clean (wash and steam) all the fabric in my house, everything on the beds, the sofa, the carpet and shampooed my hair several times a day with harsh lice shampoo and use that annoying comb to get the lice eggs out…my kids got their heads shaved off, after I gave up shampooing them and combing them all the time.

    I did not go to a theater to see a movie all that time because I knew I could spread my lice to the next person sitting in my seat. I’m considerate but other people are not. What if you have to go somewhere and take a plane while having a lice problem? Just pity the next person sitting in your seat.


    For bed bugs, start to worry when you smell a raspberry like odor, which indicates a larger infestation…not an “I smell raspberry so it must be nice”.

    Hopefully, sometimes smelling raspberry is just your cat marking its territory in all the corners of a room, your brain has a way to make awful smells smell better.

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  • 9 years ago

    It is possible, but not likely. However, given the rapid spread of the problem, you should learn how identify bed bugs. I live in the New York area and inspect everything I bring home. You can see bed bugs with the naked eye, so be sure to check bags, backpacks, and the seams of clothing for bugs. If you can wash items purchased in hot water as soon as you arrive home.

    There are pictures in the resource that you can use as a reference.

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  • 3 years ago

    it is possible, yet not likely. besides the incontrovertible fact that, given the fast unfold of the problem, you may study how become attentive to mattress bugs. I stay interior the ny section and verify out each thing I deliver abode. you will see that mattress bugs with the bare eye, so verify to envision bags, backpacks, and the seams of outfits for bugs. in case you are able to bathe products offered in warm water as quickly as you arrive abode. There are photos interior the source so which you are able to use as a reference.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I had Bed Bugs and my brother Bill took care of them the first time. He's the owner of NYC Pest Control. Let them know Roberta Dibisceglie sent you!

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  • 9 years ago

    Yes to all of the above, I'm afraid. Wherever there are people, bedbugs can spread. You'd have to be pretty unfortunate to actually get them from those places though.

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