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Japanese N2 questions?

Fill in the blanks.

1)力がもう限界に( )いるので、とうとう倒れた。

2)過去の教訓を真剣に( )ベキである。

3)若い頃、知識を( )のはとても大切である。

4)謙遜に他人の作品のよいところを( )。

5)バスがなかなかこなくて、気分が( )きた。


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    I come up with more than one words for each of those questions.

    Plus, some of them don't sound quite right to me. You may want to consider changing your materials:

    1)力がもう限界に(来て / 達して)いるので、とうとう倒れた。

    (One was pushed to one's limits of one's strength, and one finally broke down.)

    2)過去の教訓を真剣に(考える / 汲み取る)ベキである。

    (One should seriously (consider / learn from) one's past lessons.)

    --> One typo: ベキ (katakana) --> べき (hiragana).

    3)若い頃、知識を(深める / 高める / 広める / つける / 吸収する / 豊かにする / 蓄える)のはとても大切である。

    (It's very important for one to (deepen / heighten / broaden / acquire / absorb / enrich / accumulate) one's knowledge while one is young.)

    --> 若い頃 sounds like an aged person looking back his/her youth ("when one was young"). I'd say 若いうちに instead ("while one is young").

    4)謙遜に他人の作品のよいところを(認める / 取り入れる)。

    (Humbly (recognize / learn from) the good points of other people's works.)

    --> "謙遜に kenson ni" at the start doesn't sound quite right to me. It's usually used as a noun (謙遜 = modesty) or verb (謙遜する = be modest), but not as an adverb like this. We'd use "謙虚に kenkyo ni" to mean "humbly" instead.

    5)バスがなかなかこなくて、気分が(むしゃくしゃして / ふさいで / 悪くなって)きた。

    (The bus took forever to come (= was very late), and I started feeling (irritated / depressed / ill).)

    --> There're very similar expressions:

    - 気が滅入って ki ga meitte (feel depressed)

    - 気が立って ki ga tatte (feel irritated)

    but they take 気, rather than 気分, as the subject. Should the material say the correct answer is 滅入って or 立って, I have to say the material is not very reliable.

    Source(s): I'm Japanese.
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  • 9 years ago

    Sorry I don't know Japanese

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