Major Publishing Companies?

I've tried researching major publishing companies but for some reason, clear results never seem to come up.

I'm aspiring to be a book editor and I'd like to stay in California, so obviously since most publishing companies are on the east coast I'm limited. I'd like to work in the fantasy, science fiction type field. So far I have Harper Collins on my list, but it'd be a long shot if I managed to work in the ONE publishing company I have on my list.

They really don't need to be MAJOR, but something stable and with more job opportunities than most. I would really appreciate a list of publishing companies in California. That's basically what I'm asking. Please and thank you.


Gee, great BOOK publishing companies. When did I ask for media companies?

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  • 10 years ago
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    these are the top 20 media companies. they also control a large portion of published magazines and newspapers in united states.

    You can wiki search any of the companies below and it will give you a list of all the stuff they own. Take a look at an example here:

    1. Time Warner Inc.

    2. Walt Disney Company

    3. Viacom Inc.

    4. News Corporation

    5. CBS Corporation

    6. Cox Enterprises

    7. NBC Universal

    8. Gannett Company, Inc.

    9. Clear Channel Communications Inc.

    10. Advance Publications, Inc.

    11. Tribune Company

    12. McGraw-Hill Companies

    13. Hearst Corporation

    14. Washington Post Company

    15. The New York Times Company

    16. E.W. Scripps Co.

    17. McClatchy Company

    18. Thomson Corporation

    19. Freedom Communications, Inc.

    20. A&E Television Networks

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    you do no longer want a publishing domicile, you want an AGENT. an excellent agent could have the means to open doors on your artwork which you by no potential theory conceivable. A press could be prepared to take you on with out one, even with the undeniable fact that that's purely no longer on your benefit. An agent knows the marketplace and the lingo, and that they are in charge for determining to purchase you the main suitable deal and share on your artwork. you does not want to purchase a house with out authentic property agent's help, and the final ingredient you want to do is navigate the murky waters of the publishing worldwide on my own. with out an agent, you're plenty extra probable to lose money on advances, royalty probabilities, you may no longer settle for something for foreign places, action picture, or digital rights (that are all enormous deals), and in severe situations, you may desire to lose all rights on your e book ought to it flow out of print or the domicile is going below. The "significant" properties won't even look at a manuscript no count if that is not submitted to them via an excellent agent. in case you care approximately your artwork in any respect, I advise you re-evaluate your approach and initiate up querying brokers fairly. good luck!

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