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I have a sealed 1lb bag of binion estate silver coins sealed. What is it worth?

Sealed Silver Estate Binion coins in a canvas bag. I cant find it anywhere. Can someone help? Im a novice coin collector but would like to know the value.


I dont want to sell it, just trying to get a value since its in a canvas. Very few were made & from my understanding alot of people opened them up to see what they had. Im trying to take inventory & log it all my items for insurance purposes. I just cant find any information other then a 5lb bag.

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    Gold & Silver

    Your best bet is take your silver to several jewelry stores (not pawn shops) in your area and get it appraise. I heard on TV that a lot of people are not getting full value when they send their gold & silver in the mail to those advertise on TV. If you need more info, click my picture.

    Source(s): Self-taught from experience.
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