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Why aren't all women lesbians?

A woman's body in its physically in shape and natural form is often a thing of beauty.

A mans body is a disgusting misshaped pile of ugliness covered in hair.

how can a woman be attracted to a mans body?

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    Surprisingly to myself, I think much the same like you about a man's body. There's nothing to like there, if you ask me, (some women, of course, might differ from our thinking, but that's the part when it gets either complicated or, say, biologically uninteresting to me... except I have a "something" like the one I'm referring Something to think about).

    Now, let me tell you, IF all women were lesbians this would be a very sad, sad world for men who think alike you and me. So I take it maybe you mean "why aren't all women bisexual?" That would make more sense, and avoid us straight guys a world of anguish (a world full of lesbian women who dont care about men... oh, the humanity).

    I mean, most girls are heterosexual AND STILL I can't get one... Imagine...

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    It looks to me like that is the only body type you have seen. Your description of a male body concerns me a little bit. If something has happened, you may know what I am already talking about.

    If I am wrong then, I guess that is how things were originally made to be, otherwise, a man's penis might have been square shaped and not able to fit into a vagina, or we would have all had either penises or vaginas.

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    For the simpliest answer: its a biological instinct. There are often references to a womans "biological clock" which is a cute phrase for a natural need to procreate. At a more basic level, subconsciously, the drive for sex and the need to bear offspring attracts members of the oppostie sex to one another. Without it in any species, including people, the race would die out as there would be no drive to further the species.

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    Not everyone is the same, you know. People are people, no matter what. In fact, some women feel the exact same way about men.

    Besides, a person shouldn't love someone for their shape or form, only their personality. You know what they say, "It doesn't matter what's on the's what on the inside that truly counts for something."

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    Because all men aren't like that.

    Physically, I'm attracted to my man's natural scent, it's intoxicating. He has thick short light brown hair with red and blonde highlights. His eyes change through hazel, green, blue, and rarely grey, they're so entrancing.

    He has fair and freckled porcelain skin, AMAZING muscles and physique, and the nicest bum by god's creation. the hair his body does have is short and auburn/brown. His facial hair is a mixture of blonde red and brown.

    He is my calico work of art.

    His lil work of art down below isnt too bad either.

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    Because love isn't all about looks. It's a thing called personality. Looks is just a plus. But if it were to be about looks, guys have a penis obviously which makes girls feel good so I need to explain? And lots of guys have smoking hot abs or faces. It's just human instinct for straight girls to fall in love with guys.

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    Simply put:

    We ♥ Cock.

    Sure there's some biological nonsense involved, but all it really comes down to is the masculinity and counterpart.

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    I am a lesbian trapped in a mans body!

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    I am totally into a guys body...depending on the man though. I am not at all a lesbian, nor bi.

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    haha so very true bbut the human race would b gone by know since u need guys to provide stuff

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