do i need to rent a car if im going to las vegas casino hotel.?

need to book a flight and hotel, wondering do i need to book a rental car also or will i be wasting cash....

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    ** What do you need a car for?

    The Vegas airport is almost located on The Strip itself!

    All of The Major Hotels are bunched together, unless

    you wish to journey to the older part of Vegas down by The Strat!

    There are many shuttles & a train down by The Convention Center.

    A car is NOT necessary & it's a hassle! Use Cabs if you are drinking.

    Get a car if you want to visit The Hoover Dam.

    That is well worth the drive. It's AWESOME!

    Save your cash & pace your wagering!

    Casino's hardly ever LOOSE!

    Play craps! The odds aren't so much against you!

    Stay away from the slots! **

    Good Luck ......

    I mean ......

    "Break-A-Leg" !


    Have FUN!

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    It depends how long and what you want to do there. If you're just heading there for a few days, I say don't rent a car, you'll be on the strip most of the time anyways.

    If you're going for let's say 5-7 nights, then I would recommend a car. You can head out to differnet places like Downtown Las Vegas, visit Red Rock Canyon, and basically explore Vegas, which is a lot more than just the strip.

    As for hotel, you can always find the lowest hotel prices at


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    Really depends on where you are staying and where you want to go. If you stay downtown, and want to go down to the strip you can take a cab or rent a car. If you stay on the middle of the strip, say around Flamingo, you can walk to most of the major hotels/casinos up and down the strip. If you really don't plan on traveling that much in town, I'd nix the car rental. For one thing, Vegas is the busiest car rental place in the world, and it can take up to two hours to pick up your rental car-- I know from experience. Some affiliated hotels also have shuttles-- for example you can take a free shuttle between Rio, Paris, Caesars, Flamingo and Harrahs.

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    I drive the bus in las vegas and really it does depend on where you are stayin u have three options of transportation the monorail, the bus, or is truly a waste, the monorail is to BUT it gets u there faster it only operates from one part of the strip to the other so like sahara to mgm stopin inbtw IF theres a stop. if not u get off at the nearest casino go dwn stairs and walk to where u wanna go, last is the bus we have the ace bus which is really cool just to ride and its express meanin it only stops at a few stops the tickets are 24hrs and u can use it as much as possible it gets u to and from the outlet malls and very nice shoppin food and cinema in town square...hope ive helped the chose is yours n u will njoy either way!

    Source(s): resident who worked in the casino and drives the bus in vegas 2010
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    If you stay and hang out on the strip then you won't need a car.

    But if you planning a trip off the strip than renting a car for a couple day should be ok.

    Ways to get around town in vegas and other travel guides.


    This has detail information and price of different ways to get around.

    Hop this help

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    Well that more or less depends upon the place you are choosing to stay. Your hotel can be on strip or far from that. If you want to stay in more remote parts so you will need to hire car that's for sure. You can hire car a good cheap car at . They offer good cars at cheap prices. So if you are interested they you may hire at this company.

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    If you stay in the middle of the strip you would be wasting your money on a car. It is easy to walk to everywhere along the strip. You can actually walk faster than drive at most times as the strip is jammed with cars.

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    With most of the hotels, I would say that yes, it is a waste. You can walk to so many places from most hotels. But I would recommend calling your hotel and asking them. They would be the best source.

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    If you don't want to walk, get a bus pass found on it's cheap. 3 day passes for two were 17.00 last year , and we'll be getting them again this year

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    you can go on your own schedule. i always get a car when i go. you can go anywhere you want also.

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