can somebody make a network out of these materials? please help me..?

these are the materials:

4 sets non branded desktop computer

1 set 4-port wireless access point

2 sets wireless-enabled laptop

1 set 8-port switch

1 pc windows xp software disk

20 meters UTP cable with connectors

1 set broadband USB modem for internet access

i need to be able to make a network out of these and also be able to defend this from attackers.

thank you friends!

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    Here are points on this:

    1. The 4 computers have good and working network cards in them

    2. The 8 port switch will connect all the desktop computers with the correct network cables

    3. You need to make sure you have CAT5 or CAT5e network cables so you can plug all computers into the network switch.

    4. Connect your 4 port wireless access point into the network switch as well and this will then connect the WAP (wireless access point) to the rest of the network.

    5. Setup your WAP with WPA security, note down the SSID and pass key so you can join the laptops to that wireless network.

    Now the more technical details:


    1. You need to get a better broadband modem as the USB one won't work in a network environment. Get a broadband ROUTER instead that has a built network port so you then plug that directly into your 8 port switch. Also it should give you basic firewall features to "defend from attackers".

    2. Configure your broadband router with DHCP so it can give out automatic IP addresses to all the desktop and workstations

    3. You need to configure your wireless access point with a static IP address and the IP address needs to be in the same RANGE (not same as) with your router and computers. Subnet mask and gateway need to be the same as the broadband router.

    4. Configure all workstations to use DHCP and get an IP address automatically from the broadband router.

    So you can see the importance of getting a good decent Broadband router - it will handle DHCP addresses to workstations as well as providing you with internet connection and firewall for your network.

    This is just the middle of the ice berg, and summary of steps you need to do and take. If you are unsure, you need to research more about setting up a network on the internet firstly.

    Please let know if this helps answer your questions.

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