Should I delete my ex off of Facebook?

Yeah, what a serious question, haha, but I was just wondering.

I broke up with him because I realized he was making some stupid choices. After word, he acted liked we were still dating and called me and stuff. I was friendly, but now I'm finding it hard to be because he's had a total mood change and it being weird. He doesn't start conversations anymore, and just stares at me in a pissed off way.

On facebook, all he doesn't talk to me, but when I write on my friend's wall or something he always comments to my friend. He always writes on other girls' walls and it's just annoying to always see him everywhere I go.

Should I delete him?


I just want to see him less...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Nahh, don't delete him. People will just think you're immature. Just ignore him and tell your friends to ignore him too, he'll stop eventually.

  • 1 decade ago

    Delete, or not to delete. That is the question.

    Do you still talk to him? If not, you are probably safe to delete him. The big stink is that if you delete him, and then want to re-add him (to stalk or whatever, lol) then its kind of like tucking your tail between your legs.

    I have a hard time deleting my ex's. Im not remotely into any of them, but I am too nosy to let go. Plus, I dont want my friend number to decrease. Am I shallow? Yes. Am I admitting something most others do but wont admit? Yes.

    I'd set his privacy settings so he can only see certain parts of your profile, including when you comment on things so he cant e-stalk you as easily.

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    4 years ago

    OMG, it is like you're talking about my existence. I broke up the former day haha. nicely it is more advantageous like i did not listen from him contained in the perfect 4 days and as he lives overseas i will't in simple terms flow see him. And all at as quickly because it said on his profile i became a *****, for no reason what so ever (he probabaly idea i could not comprehend cuz it became in yet another language). besides, i became craaaazy about him so i understand the way you sense! !! do in simple terms it! I erased him from facebook! you ought to flow out this nighttime, like i did. you'll sense more advantageous acceptable! And there, my acquaintances confident me to erase him from BBM too and that i did! It became difficult, yet believe me, i think sooo a lot more advantageous acceptable! Erase him from each and every thing to procure him on. continually how you are able to forget or you'll keep checking his profile, that is a organic habit!! And once you won't be able to anymore you also received't have the urge anymore. dangle in there... with time it's going to get more advantageous acceptable.

  • 1 decade ago

    Don't delete him, just use the options to keep from seeing his posts. He won't know that you deleted him and will just think that you're ignoring him. Later, if he straightens himself out, you can choose to view his posts again.

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  • 1 decade ago

    He makes comments to your friends? How would deleting him stop that?

  • 1 decade ago

    i would say delete him because he is not being respectful to you and you dont want to seem like you are ok with being pushed around like that, and it would help you get over him.

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