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My dog is stealing food?

My BF's dog has learned new tricks! But not good ones. He is a 4-5 y/o GSD. He started by getting in the trash, so we put in the bathroom and shut the door when we left. Then he started getting in the kitty food that was on the dryer. So I put kitties bowl on the shelf above the dryer. Then he pulled kitties food BAG and ate 20 lbs of kittie food. Found new place for that. Ate two loaves of bread and a stick of butter off counter.... now thats in fridge. Increased his food by two cups...

Just came back to two bags of semi sweet chocolate chips, a bag of brown sugar, and raisins on the floor. Partly eaten. (Looked online and he didnt eat enough chocolate to get sick) The other bags were just inspected. He only mangled them. These items are on the lower shelf of the pantry. I have kept my baking ingrediants on this shelf for two years with no issue till now.

I have no way to keep him out of it. His water is also in this area. No floor space to move water or I could block access.

He also does this when he has food in his bowl. He is not starving.



Hmm Interesting answers..... "poor dog?" He's pretty happy. I realize GSD's are a working breed. If I had any say I would have advised against the breed but he was here when I moved in. I agree that he is bored, we all are on rainy Oregon Fall/Winter months. He hates going outside in bad weather. He has another dog to play with and they do all day. I think, that since I leave the house only a few times a week I will crate train him. We do go outside in between rain breaks and he runs around.

I'd say thanks for the answers but they werent very helpful.

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    put in crate when you can't supervise

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    There are good storage containers that have lids that sort of screw on and the dog cannot open. It keeps the food fresh and the dog out as well as preventing bugs from being attracted and getting into your home. You can get a big one for the dog food and a smaller one for the cat food and even another for treats. These are great. Hope he didn't eat too many raisins as they are toxic for dogs, too. Basically, dog proofing your house doesn't have to get ridiculous or inconvenient and it can be done to prevent this from continuing to happen. I had a GSD that was like this if I had food around. Once I had a big bag of miniature chocolates for Easter- not opened- and I left it on the table not thinking about the dog getting into it but she did, as soon as I left the house. she ate them wrappers and all. Once I fully dog proofed the house, it wasn't a problem any more. Except for the occasional time I left a loaf of bread on the counter..or something like that.

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    German Shepherds are very intelligent WORKING dogs. This dog is bored. Does he ever get any exercise? Is he being left alone more?

    Get a cabinet you can lock the food up in, and take that poor dog for a walk. I'd also take him to obedience classes--preferably 3rd Way or positive training.

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    My canines do no longer scouse borrow nutrients, yet they have been undesirable a pair of times and gotten in a trashcan. My woman seems to have a abdomen for each thing (ate the pink liner from around a bite of bologna), yet my boy has an extremely sesitive abdomen.

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    Dogs get into trouble and get destructive when they have excess energy and are bored. Your dog may not be hungry, just bored to death.

    Are you walking him or exercising him for at least an hour a day? That would solve your problem.

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    You probably need to take him to a public dog trainer. The trainer will give you helpful tips on how to stop him from doing that. Also, he is probably asking for your attention. Show him your love and take him on walks. hope this helps!

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