How to change Audi A4 3rd (center) brake light?


I have searched and searched for a loooong time, but amazingly found nothing on replacing the 3rd brake light on audis.

I have a Audi A4 2002 (B6) and my third (center) brake light is out. This technically is illegal, and I would like to change it myself since i don't trust the Audi dealer in Seattle (another reason is that they want $120 to change the light, and the lights (parts) are only $40, so paying $80 to change a light bulb for me makes no sense).

I took off the triangle in the trunk, and now have the casing which holds the lights exposed. It has two metal holders. I tried pulling up, down, forward and backwards on the two metal things on the light, but with no luck. I was amazed how resistant it is, since i gave it all my strength and was expecting it to either fall out or break under the pressure, but it barely moved. is there something im missing? Do I have to take off the whole back trim? I don't mind if its a lot of work...


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    Go into your trunk and if you have a liner on top, remove it...there should be bolts holding it in place along with the electrical connector...remove the bolts and connector and pull the third brake light back and up slowly, so you don't damage anything. there should be a place on it you can open (where exactly i am not sure, so forgive me) usually around a crack around the whole light to pull the face off and you can remove the bulb replace it, snap it back together and resecure the light in place...if you are afraid of lining something up wrong then push the light tight to the windshield and it will line up.

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    Audi A4 Brake Light Bulb

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    in case you have on no account worked on your Audi in the past, do no longer you dare start up now with out determining to purchase for a Hanes or Chilton handbook. they are approximately $20 and so a good distance as your worried, they are your Bible. Doing a brake job isn't very complicated, and your Audi possibly has all-wheel disc brakes, making it even easier, yet that automobile could require specific equipment. in any different case, you desire a series of open-ended wrenches, a rag, a bucket, and somebody to take a seat down interior the motor vehicle and press the brake pedal whilst you loosen the 'bleed' nut on each and each wheel hub. You loosen. He presses the pedal down. (fluid shoots out) You tighten. He releases the pedal. Repeat till empty. and are not getting it on the paint or you have got a intense high quality bright-bare metallic spot there next time you wash your automobile. good success homes.

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