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Playing with some thoughts, comments?

Here is the church

here is the steeple

open the doors

all the self-righteous people

with scowls on their faces...

I find sacred places

in nature, in moments

of my silent torrents;

pleading to forces

found above in peripheral.

I sing praises to stars

and give testimonial

in poems. Are they psalms,

or do I blaspheme?

Fact is, to me, the word 'god'

has become a meme.

There once was a woman

who walked, wore out shoes.

She had so many contradictory

points of view;

so they imprisoned her with prejudice

and everything dreamt could not exist.

Bury, bury thoughts contrary-

then how does wisdom grow?

The seeds of truth are dormant now

six feet under and topped with snow.

Here is no church, no scripture

no steeple.

Open your mind-

free all the people.

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    Blaspheme? These gods and goddesses tower,

    Do they our individual language speak?

    We feebly deify them, we cower,

    Pretending yet know they’re not what we seek.

    He who asks errs say Rosicrucian mores

    And he who answers similarly errs.

    No language speaks the Truth, none heretofore,

    Yet countless have been slain for least demur,

    The soundless torrent is my redeemer,

    The hushed immensity of morning calm

    Yet twelve noon clatter is my appraiser

    The weekend rush and din is my aplomb.

    Jesus is the pushy salesman on the phone

    I buy on his promise (and) take out a loan.

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    The truth I know is in the sway of trees

    And not presided over by a steeple;

    The rites of Sunday morn are a disease,

    My church a running stream, my savior people.

    I need no preacher there to save my soul,

    No holy book, no psalms to soothe my strife;

    My wisdom's won through living, I am whole,

    A calming hand has come to rule my life.

    My faith is not a thing like other men's

    But rather something born from other sight;

    It feeds on reason, sleeps in other dens,

    And yet it knows a blissful peace at night.

    The world is not too large or I too small

    And weak that I cannot embrace it all.

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    I suspect if I were to ask your religious affiliation you would say you are not religious but you are spiritual.

    I am both religious and spiritual. I think I have always been spiritual, but my return to religion came about 30 years ago after my first wife and I were divorced. I say return because I was raised a church-goer and drifted away in large part because of the hypocrisy and attitudes of other people who attended my church. There were other considerations as well--among them some very personal beliefs and interpretations of God and nature.

    The church I attend now is a happier church, filled with people who are loving and giving. We are not perfect, and some of us are very imperfect. In my view we help each other by understanding our own imperfections and accepting those of other people as we try to raise ourselves and others to a better level.

    There will always be some disputing what we can and should believe. As a Christian I believe that we can always grow and learn, and much is subject to interpretation. We are told in the New Testament that "God is love." I believe this should be considered our first and most basic tenet. God loves us, so we should learn to love each other.

    I will never criticize or attempt to change what you believe and what you practice. That is part of how you relate to God and nature. I will encourage you to keep an open mind and to always be prepared to learn more about yourself, God and others. He may lead you in an entirely different direction from me. It is not up to me to say that is wrong or to criticize you in any way for it.

    Peace and happiness.


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    Sadly sweet L.C.

    Willows bend in the most harsh winds

    so they can live

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    So many truths in this offering it would take weeks to deal with each one appropriately.

    Wonderfully Done

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