which of the following compounds doesn't not contain covalent bonds?

A. ScI

B. Cs2

C. So3

D. NH3


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  • John
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    1 decade ago
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    Your formulae are a little mixed up.

    ScI is Scandium Iodide and does not contain covalent bonds - it is ionically bonded

    CS2 is covalently bonded Carbon Disulphide

    SO3 is covalently bonded Sulphur (VI) Oxide or Sulphur Trioxide

    NH3 is covalently bonded ammonia

    Br2 is a diatomic element - all diatomic elements are covalently bonded.

  • 1 decade ago

    lawls im in chemistry too. it sucks.. well br2 contains non polar covalent bonds, NH3 contains covalent bonds by the unequal sharing of electrons, So3 does not contain covalent bonds because technecly it is not a molecule and it forms some type of solid that i forgot off the top my head

    hope i helped :)

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