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Brown discharge in very early pregnancy?

I miscarried in September 2010. All my pregnancy symptoms went away. I now have all my pregnancy symptoms back and I feel like I did before. Even without a positive pregnancy test, I KNOW I'm pregnant. My period is supposed to come around the 14th or 15th of each month. Seeing as thats the day I miscarried and my period was on the same exact day the next month.

Now I am having brownish discharge, no blood and no cramping. Is this a sign that my period is going to come, Because I really feel pregnant again. I have the instinct like I did last time. My instincts are usually never wrong.

Is this just old blood? Or implantation bleeding/spotting? I'm quite confused.


@megan d : I took a test a couple weeks ago, and it came up negative. I figured I'd wait until after my expected period. But I'm too anxious like I was last time. Should I just go buy some cheap test and do it early? Or go the expensive route and wait. Decisions decisions. Good luck to you!

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    Like you said, it's either implantation or old blood. I'm going through the same thing, actually. I was supposed to be on my period, but I just got spotting of brown blood. But there's no way to tell until I get my period at the end of the month... That is, if I get it at all.

    You'll just have to take a HPT.

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    idk....maybe ur period is about to start again

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