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i want to dance like the girls from shake it up?

hey! i watched shake it up in disney channel and i have to say for a disney show,its pretty good! i think their dance moves are really good and i want to learn their routine or just a little part of it.if you could post a link for youtube where it teaches you how to do step by step for their dance.(it could be any dance) that would be fantastic! i cant seem to find one:/ please no mean comments im just a 12 yera old girl who has a passion for dancing. thanks!

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    I just watched it and it's amazing! Tape it and everyday practice the moves and you will gradually have the perfect routine. Also if your really serious about dance try make a dance troupe with some Friends and learn routines from there and SHAKE IT UP (well make a mash up of all of the songs and learn the bits to each bit of the song and dance it!)

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    I'm with you. Their dance routine is very cool. I looked but I haven't seen one yet. I've tried to just watch it and do it ( I do take dance classes) but I still haven't gotten it. I'll try!

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    look it up.i cant find one.also they are good just a little crazy lol i want to know to.

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