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How did I pass this drug test?

I smoke weed. I ve recently moved and Im looking for job. I applyed at walmart and got an interview. I looked on many websites to see if walmart drug test and all my sources said they did not because it would be too expensive. So the day of the interview I smoked, I show up and nail the interview but then at the end she explained how I needed to go to a lab within 24 hours and pass a piss test.I was 100% sure I was going to not have a chance but I tryed to detox any way. From 7 pm to 10 am I consumed 1 gallon of water 1.5 liters of cranberry juice, 2 redbull energy shots and 2 one a day vitimins. I show up at the lab at 10 30. I get a call the next day from walmart setting up orentation. How the flip did I pass that ish


No to that answer because they get the test results from the lab within 24 hours and only call to scedule orentation or call to tell you that you failed the test.

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    Don't get too excited... you may not have passed the test! My money is on you failing the test.

    They may be just scheduling the orientation ahead of getting the test results back -assuming that you will pass. As soon as you fail they will call you and kick you right back to the street.

    As soon as they get the results, I bet you are back on the streets looking for work.

    If you want to work, IT'S TIME TO QUIT DOING DRUGS ! ! ! ! !

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