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Help with my Nikon P90. Please Help?

I have a Nikon P90. The little dial (Command Dial) that you move to change the Shutter Speed, Aperture, and other things is acting weird. It feels normal, But it makes the Shutter speed and Aperture number bounce around all crazy. Like it jumps around but randomly when I move it. It's super annoying, Because it takes forever to get it to where I want it. So I have to keep it around 1/500, but that doesn't work in all situations.

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    Indeed, that does seem annoying! is it still in warrenty? becuase it sounds like a mechanical thing, because i have a feeling that the de bouncing circuit may be bust, (bisically whenever you have a switch, the two contacts actually bounce several times, sending several pulses, so the de bouncing circuit uses a capacitor and a resistor to smooth this out into one pulse)

    have you dropped the camera or got it wet or anything?

    If i were you i would get in contact with nikon and see what they think.

    Good luck


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