Am I reading Too Much Into This? Please Help :'(?

Ok I really like this guy....and he is a shy quiet guy. And I am usually a shy quiet girl with my crushes so if we are both like are we ever suppose to talk? He smiles and blushes when I say things to him. And we have this eye contact moments that seem to last for hours when it is actually like 3 seconds...

I decided to poke him on Facebook last week and we have been in a poke war :)

Yesterday in school he wasn't there so I was like Hey let me send him a message. I was really unsure what to put in ...I just wrote this "hey best friend How's it going missed ya in school today"

I wrote this yesterday night at like 9:00 and he still didn't respond. I have all these emotions going through me I'm keep on thinking he didn't respond because he doesn't like me(even though i never told him), or maybe he just didn't see it yet because he doesn't go one facebook like that...or maybe because he is quiet and shy he doesn't know how to respond.

My stomach hurts. i'm really scared. And tomorrow at school(if he is there) it might be really awkward. And one of his best friends is one of my good friends and he is always bothering me so what if my crush tells him that he saw it...and than he stars asking me questions. Everything is going to be weird.

I think I'm going crazy and I know this isn't really a question but can someone give me some advice...please....


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    1 decade ago
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    First... Breathe.

    Shy, yes, but think about the effort you, being a shy person are putting out.

    Shy people can communicate and they do get their needs and wants fulfilled. Shy is not crippled, it is not "unable".

    You are obviously starting out as friends. Please give him the courtesy of believing that he is CAPABLE of approaching you and taking this to another level.

    Please allow him to make the next move, if you don't you will be on here tomorrow, more confused than you are today, because you will have put out more effort without waiting for his own and eventually you may feel so vulnerable as a result that you could ruin a friendship IN THE LEAST, just by your frantic efforts to know something NOW.

    Doesn't' shy usually mean... I need a little more time to get to know you? Not I don't have a clue how to get to know you.

    I do wish you the best on this.

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    AWWW thats so cute.. love is cute... I remeber when I was like that... I was always too shy to tell guys how I felt, since you are less shy than he is try, take a big leap of faith and ask him if he likes you or if he'd be your bf... atleast then you'd know for sure and wouldn't waste the semster wonder if he does or doesn't.. and if he does and you miss your chance years llater you wouldn't wonder , what could have been.

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    1 decade ago

    Hon, it sounds as if you have a bit of an overactive imagination. Stop thinking that the worst will come! He's probably a busy guy, and hasn't had time to check Facebook lately.

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    1 decade ago

    Here is the best advice-

    Just take it as it comes, and be prepared to talk about it tomorrow.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Relaxxxxxxx..... Seriously.. Don't fret. It's really not that bad. It takes time for guys to respond. I doubt he saw it.

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    1 decade ago

    he probably hast been on facebook. It is very likely he still likes you. He'll probably be in school and you can ask him why he hasn't answered.

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    it is okay. it is most likely that he hasn't gone on. and if he doesn't like you that doesn't mean he wouldn't answer. he is your friend. maybe he was sick or something. give it time. it is okay. :)

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