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Best shampoo and conditioner for my hair?

I have done everything 2 my hair. Colored it twice, relaxed it. I used to have natrually curly hair but now my curly hair is gone! :( Soo my hair is really damaged and dry. and i straighten it regularly. Please HELP! :)

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    Let your hair have a break its really damaged from doing all of those things. You should not straighten it a lot or blow dry and give your hair a break, maybe go to a hairstylist and have them do a damaged treatment.

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    I ahd the same problem and my hair is a poof ball, frizzy and wavy. The best I can suggest is Tresame for dry and damaged hair it works the best! Try it out they are usually 3-6 dollars per shampoo and conditioner but it truely gives a salon look to your hair.

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