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More wireless internet access?

Is there some device I can attach to my computer through my USB that will let me access wireless networks that are further away than my built in wireless internet card thingy can?

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  • Todd
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    No, if you don't have access to the network infrastructure (repeaters, routers, etc.), you are stuck with what you've got.

    With that said, technically you could have a good receiver, but in almost all cases, the transponders are not powerful enough. You can spend a lot of money and use satellite like many sea goers do. You can also use the cell network. But, for WiFi, you are stuck with whatever structure is in place. They recently tried a distributed wireless network. I think it was at Berkeley but I'm not sure, and some other small communities followed suit. In that case, you could pretty much be anywhere in town and get a good signal.

    I've found your usual max distance away from most routers that is effective is really somewhere around 50 meters without repeaters or a distributed network..

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