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Help with C++ program?

Your main function should begin by calling a function called “getInput”. getInput should

not take any parameters and prompt the user to enter a positive number. Once the user

has entered a valid number, getInput should return the number entered. I will call this

number N.

After obtaining N, your main program should compute the first N prime numbers. In

order to figure out if a certain number is prime, you will call/write a function called

“isPrime”. isPrime accepts one parameter (call it x) and returns true if x is a prime

number and false if they number is not.

Here is some sample input/output:

How many prime numbers do you want? 10

1: 2

2: 3

3: 5

4: 7

5: 11

6: 13

7: 17

8: 19

9: 23

10: 29

You do not need to ask the user if they want to continue, you can just exit right away

(after computing and printing the first N prime numbers).

Although you are required to write the getInput and isPrime function exactly as specified,

you are free to use/write as many other functions as you wish.


I just need some help with it please

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