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The alternative school is refusing to let me go back to the public school?

I want to go back to the public school I previously attended. I am pretty sure that as a student in the public school district, I have to be allowed to attend the public high school. I went to the public high school and they said I needed to go speak to the prinicipal at the alternative high school, but the staff there are saying that I need to stay there for at least two marking periods (but more likely, the rest of the school year) until I can go back to the public school. What are my parents and my rights in this situation? Also, is there any website where I can find out about public school laws?

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    It depends how you got to the alternative high school. If you were sent there for disciplinary reasons, then there should have been a meeting at the time regarding how long you would have to stay there. I'd suggest that your parents contact someone in the superintendent's office and ask about your situation. If they don't get an answer that makes sense, then they could contact the state department of education.

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