Why Does American keep calling Arab "terrorists", and Arabs whose the one being killed by them?

-Israeli keep killing Palestinian since long time ago .

-U.S. forces kept attacking Iraq for Petroleum.

-U.S. forces and they call themselves"Peace Forces" kept attacking Afghanistan saying to their families that there making peace.

Arabs are not terrorists if you want to know what really happens just watch JCC!

They oppress the Arabs and spread the erroneous idea about the Arabs, teach their children the wrong thing for the Arabs ,and hide from their children what they are really doing, Palestine suffered and is still suffering and innocent children & people are dying every day and Afghanistan and Iraq have suffered too.

That Arabs are in fact people seeking peace they even don't carry a weapon to kill anybody only , Their only weapons are their tongue... Arabs are generous, kind, and they show their respect to people. I Say they would never be terrorists. !!

Don't just deny it because God knows and the truth will be revealed.

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    It's called 'good guy badge syndrome'. They see themselves as 'the good guys' therefore anyone against them is 'bad'. That also goes for religion.

  • 1 decade ago

    Palestinians kill Israelis, the war in Iraq was there because of not petroleum but looking for what we thought was WMD. Afghani's like us there, i know I've meet a few from there who thought it was a peace keeping force, in Afghanistan siding with American's put you at risk and we can't leave them because all those who sided with us or stayed neutral will get killed by the terrorists, NO WAY! LIKE WE DIDN'T KNOW THEY WANTED PEACE! The only way Arabs and terrorists are linked is through language or looks. We actually know they are people too, we just like the terrorists that not only cause problems here, but problems there. Nice job generalizing a nation of good people and making us look bad, just because of some jackass you saw, moron

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    How do you explain the fact that Islamic terrorists kill people in many other places besides the US and Israel?




    Russia: Remember when they killed a bunch of kids in a school? At least in Russia they don't mess around. they don't care about having a trial. The Russians just killed all the bastards on the spot.



    The UK

    and many more.

  • 1 decade ago

    Because America discriminates. You never hear them call Israelis terrorists and there are many Israeli terrorists. There are terrorists in the IRA too. There are KKK terrorists in America. There are all kind of terrorists.

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  • Karl
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    1 decade ago

    palestinians rain rockets down on Israel every single day

    Israel has suffered too

    we are all human beings and should not be murdering each other for rich powerful politicians

  • Miss Q
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    1 decade ago

    Why did the Americans just give $130,000,000 to the Palestinian Authority, when all they do is spend the money on terrorist activites and killing Jews?

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