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What are your 2010 nfl season predictions! Regular Season,Post Season Superbowl?

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    A team from the NFC West will not make it to the Super Bowl.


    West: late charge by the Chargers

    North: Steelers

    East: Jets

    South: Titans

    (Wild Card Entries: Ravens, Colts)

    WCs: Chargers beat Colts, Ravens beat Titans

    DPs: Ravens beat Jets, Steelers beat Chargers

    CC: Ravens beat Steelers


    West: Rams

    North: Packers

    East: Giants

    South: Saints

    (Wild Card Entries: Eagles, Falcons)

    WCs: Eagles beat Rams, Falcons beat Saints

    DPs: Giants beat Falcons, Eagles beat Packers

    CC: Eagles beat Giants

    Super Bowl: Ravens beat Eagles


    Source(s): A bird told me.
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    Falcons (10-6) vs Ravens (11-5) SB

  • udit
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    Sorry bro, the Panthers have not got any danger of coming up it to the super Bowl. Now, if the Panthers are fortunate and no-one significant gets injured(no longer gonna happen, somebody constantly gets injured on each and every team.) then they are going to flow around 9-7 possibly 10-6. they can't defeat the Packers or the Cowboys, incredibly no longer of their residences. (in elementary terms for the checklist, because of the fact i comprehend deep interior you're questioning i'm some packer/cowboy fan. My fashionable team is the Jaguars)

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    East: Giants

    South: Saints

    West: Jesus Christ, I dont know. Rams

    Wild Card: Philly, Atlanta



    East: Jets

    South: Indy

    West: Chiefs

    Wild Card: Ravens, Patriots

    Super Bowl: (i'll go away from my preseason predictions for the sake of changing it up)


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    Jets beat them all

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