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Are there thousands of young Jews who would like to stand beside these Jews?

in taking back the heart of Judaism?

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(amazing, worth 5 minutes to watch)

Note the bravery of these young Jews in the midst of hate and profanity from Zionists.



Ah yes, the anti-Israel and self-hating Jew libels. Great argument, not. Is that truly all you saw in this video or is just so important that you win your argument?

Teach me: what am I to learn about Jews who holler down dissent, who jump on a chair and bite and tear a banner, who leap a row and attack a dissenter, who are caught on tape calling these young Jews 'a$$hole' and '*****'. Please, teach me, O authentic Jew.


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    Good for them until they are shut-up

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    Stockholm syndrome. 2000 years of hate & the cracks are evident. Has nothing to do with politics, since they are ignoring the actual facts, & just going for the self-blame to hope to remove the outside world's blame. Same game Reform Judaism did in 1920's Germany. German Jews were the most assimilated & trying to be like Christians to the point of removing elements of Judaism to imitate Christians.

    I'm Reform Jewish, it's quite different now. I'm capable of evaluating Israeli policies as some good, some less effective, others good but the world is an idiot for not letting Jews defend themselves.

    You aren't Jewish. YA frequent users already know that for a fact from personal exchanges with you.

    You're use of the term zionist in the way you have is hatefilled, false, & NOT a political policy commentary. It's a vilification. That's called antisemitism. ...whether directed at all jews, or just "zionists."

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    I couldn't really give a better answer than Cher. You aren't Jewish, and your arrogant assumptions about Judaism and the state of the religion are pathetic. Zionism doesn't dominate 'the heart of the religion'--Zionism has always, from its inception, been a secular movement. And Judaism, as a religion, does not really promote acting like a hoodlum at a speech---its into intelligent discourse and debate...which does involve listening to others and allowing others to have a voice, even if you find their opinions to be abhorrant. Far from brave--that behavior is cowardly and small-minded...the traditional attitudes of the majority of the anti-Israel movement. So, drop the faux-preachiness, you aren't impressing anyone (much less, anyone who understands Judaism, Zionism, and how to sit through a speech like an adult, even if you disagree with it).

    As for the motivations that influence the tiny minority of Jewish kids who are radically anti-Israel...I can't explain them all. Cher gave you the main one--survival tactics and internalizing hatred directed at their communities.


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    I doubt you're Jewish, so I don't know why you're lecturing me about the "heart of Judaism." I don't agree with a lot of what Israel does, and I don't like Netanyahu or his party, but that protest just seemed silly. Saying those things amongst a group of people who just don't care what you have to say and are actively antithetical to it is totally pointless.

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