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what does it mean when you pee really yellow?

Ooooo and im also spotting.. idk why cuz i got my period 2 weeks ago. and im bleeding brown and then pink

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    Could be just dehydration with some left over spotting. If you just got your period and haven't had intercourse with any one recently you shouldn't be pregnant.

    Drink more fluids, preferably water. If the bleeding continues for more then 2-3 days then you should see a doctor.

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    Yes dehydration or not drinking enough water can make your pee really yellow but there is also a few other causes for this as well. Other causes for this include kidney failure, and having hepatitis C. As for the brown/pink bleeding this could be an irregular period or the first symptoms of an STD such as gonorrhea or chlamydia. Or even an STI like trichinosis or bacterial vaginosis/yeast infection. Just be sure to know your body the way it normally is, and when something out of the ordinary like his happens you'll know it isn't right, something is wrong and you can get help. Good luck.

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    If your urine also has a strong smell, I would start to drink more water as this can mean dehydration. Spotting is normal, especially if you're under age 20, so I wouldn't worry too much about that

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    ermmm right, try drinking more water (de yellow the pee and flush anything bad out) and eat and drink plenty of antioxidants, leave it a few days. And if nothing happens see a doctor

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    It usually means you're dehydrated.

    Energy drinks will sometimes make your pee look really yellow even if you are hydrated.

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    usually when you pee really yellow it means you need to drink a bunch more water.... but i don't know the rest

  • well ' i know why your pee yellow ; it' because you aren't drinking ' enouqh water ; you are probably spottinq because ; your period is irreqular ' it's completely normal ' especially if you just started or are on menopauseee ; i wouldn't worry about it '

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