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I cut myself and my mom found out. How do I teller?? HELP!!?

It all started when I was rubbing lotion on her back and in the mirror she noticed that I had cut marks on my arm. She keeps on asking me what happened but I keep on saying that it is nothing.

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    Just tell her the truth. It might not be easy but i think its probably the best thing to do. Tell her that you'll try to stop and...yea...

    add in the "love you"

    And you shouldn't cut, find someone you could talk to...

    Please stop?

  • you might need to confess man.

    I remember when I told my mother I cut myself, and she totally didn't suspect it. most people start cutting when their depression and sadness is too much to mentally bear. so just tell her

    "mom, I'm depressed and I cut myself". she's probably going to be so confused and sad, but you're hurting her even more right now by not telling her. just go out and say, "mom I'm sorry for not telling you, but i've been really depressed, and I've been cutting myself". trust me, your mother isn't going to turn into godzilla and freak out and have a meltdown.

    it's best to talk to people about these kind of things. it really is <3

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Mission accomplished amigo! You finally got the attention you've been craving so dearly and now you don't know how to respond to it? C'mon man!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Honesty is key. Tell her you do it, and tell her why you do it too. It might be hard, but if you tell her, it could make a big difference.

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