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can you retake high school classes even if you didn't fail?

im trying to boost my gpa. i pretty much failed every class my freshman and sophomore years and now im a B and A student. im retaking all my failed classes but can i also retake the ones i didn't do well in but still passed? btw i got to the alc (alternative learning center) so i think they let you do more then a regular high school would...

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    It depends on the school's grading policy.

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    At my son's school, student can retake classes that they received a D or F in.

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    you may desire to communicate with your extreme college coaching counselor. you may desire to be sure that in case you get a failing mark, yet make it up, that the failing mark won't look on your transcripts. See in case you may retake the course irregardless of the grade and end it out. yet another determination is to be sure in case you may take the course at your community community college. stable success, yet be sure you communicate with your counselors on Monday.

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    they didnt let me do that bt u said u go to a different hs so u can talk to your councler or something and give it a try:)

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