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If we cant send drug dealers to a military tribunal, how can we send the mastermind of 9/11?

We have the War on Drugs and the War on Terror.

Neither which are official war DECLARED by congress. Unless congress declares war its not a war, and ifs it not a war the tools of war are not available to the President...........

Can we send poor people, drug uses and the mastermind to gitmo?


approval does not equal a declaration of war.

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    9/11 is still an inside job; link are more then 1300 engineers and architects from MIT, Harvard and other notable institutions who are demanding re investigation. American ignorance is killing American soldiers and thousands of innocent children, women and men around the world

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    I wonder if Mike thinks the war on drugs did not get congressional approval....

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    Drug crimes are treated in criminal court. The war in both Afghanistan and Iraq did get Congressional approval.

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