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how to get these popular girls to like me!?!??! PLEASE HELP!?

okay well i have been friends with the populares one of them didnt like me (they are like a clique) and if one girl hates me they ALL hate me idk whyy she says im annoying..? =/ how am i annoying i barly talk to her and recess m afraid to go out side and see them... i usualy hide in the bathroom.. ='( i have 3 friens but they arnt bestfriend materials...what can i do to make them like me..?

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    wow. no.

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    Be yourself and don't hide in the bathroom, you just give them more power, cofront them, say "okayy, you aren't nobody to be calling me annoying, I don't even talk to you, you think your all that.. well no, ok cuz uh im way nicer and cooler than you, yeah and so if you wanna talk s***t then go head I dnt give a f**ck!!!" And if you say that, evry one will be like" woah" and like you, trust me

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    Why would you even want to be a part of that? You realize what type of girls they will grow up to be right? The popular loud annoying sluts.. You'll see.. Just wait beb.

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    wow you shouldnt be scared to talk to them you should go up the girl who hates you and be like whas your problem!

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    Bítch slap them.

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