Why does my gateway laptop shut off almost immediately?

I've had my laptop for a few years now and its always worked great. Now it turns itself on and then turns off. Sometimes it turns off as soon Windows starts, sometimes it shuts down after about 5 minutes. It is not overheating, the internal power jack and the ac adapter were recently replaced. Any ideas?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    What makes you sure it is not overheating? When was the last time you had the cooling channel cleaned out?

    Every laptop (no exceptions) faces the same issues after a year of use. Dust, dirt, and debris gets drawn up through the cooling fan on the bottom, and blown across the cooling fins of the heat sink in the cooling channel. Some of that material gathers on the leading edges of the fins, between the fins and the fan. As material gathers, it acts like fly paper. More material sticks to what material is there, and soon you have a layer of material between the fan and the fins like a piece of felt. This blocks the air flow, killing the essential cooling that is needed to keep your laptop running properly. This can build up in 6 months under normal conditions, and you have had the laptop for a few years... I would hope that when they changed the power adapter port, they cleaned this out for you.

    However, when they reassembled the laptop, the cooling assembly might not have been put back on the processor properly.... or the oil filled copper heat pipes might have been bent slightly putting pressure on the cooling assembly... but what you describe certainly SOUNDS like overheating.

    You can also check the lid switch... you know... the little pin switch that is supposed to detect when the lid is closed. It might be partially depressed in by improper re-assembly. It might also be broken... which can result in the laptop appearing to turn on and off "randomly"

    At any rate, I would bring it back to the shop that did the work, and have them go over it again.

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