How should I connect this sound equipment?

I have an equalizer, a mixer, an amp and 2 speakers, and in the output of the mixer, i have this thing to connect directly to the computer. so how should i connect everything so that when i record, i can equalize it and hear it recorded?

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    Here is the normal connection:

    mics and instruments connect to mixer inputs

    mixer outputs connect to EQ inputs

    EQ outputs connect to amp inputs

    amp outputs connect to speakers

    As far as your computer goes - you can connect it directly to the mixer (according to your description) or you can split the output of the EQ to both the amp and computer with the proper adapter cables. Not knowing the make and model of each piece of your equipment, it is hard to know the exact cables you need.

    To get good sound from any system into you computer, a USB audio interface is a great way to go:

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