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How EXACTLY does Guild Wars work?

I know that once you buy the main game there's no monthly fees or anything, but whats all that other Guild Wars stuff? Like Guild Wars - Nightfall, etc. Are they just expansion packs? and if so, do they basically add to your main game, or kinda act as a separate game and would pretty much require you to make a new character, etc?

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    Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall are all separate full-length games. If you have more than one of them on your account, however, you can move characters between one game and the other.

    Eyes of the North is an expansion pack. It requires at least one of the other games to be able to play.

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    Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall are all standalone campaigns, but you can link them together on your account by adding their keys to your account. Eye of the North is the only true expansion pack and requires at least one of the campaigns. Linking campaign keys to your account will let you bring characters from other campaigns to other campaigns.

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