In Halo Reach multiplayer, which game types are most popularly chosen?

inside the categories of Team Slayer (like DMRs, normal, Pro, etc), Slayer, and Invasion?

I mean like which game type inside those categories, not the categories themselves. Like for Invasion, do people usually like nomal invasion or invasion slayer, or etc? And for Slayer, do people usually pick Slayer Pro, HeadHunter, normal Slayer, or etc?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Invasion the one where you just kill and Team slayer.

  • 4 years ago

    the call of accountability and Halo franchise have continually at a loss for words human beings on which one takes extra means. Its somewhat hassle-free extremely. Halo takes lots extra means than CoD. yet that doesn't propose CoD does not take means to boot. Halo focuses extra on accuracy. you extremely could objective TO GET KILLS! it is likewise very heavy on group verbal exchange. CoD can bypass 2 techniques. objective down factors of interest or spray. you will kill human beings very actual the two way thinking you haven't any longer have been given a great variety of well-being. however the best concern it has is velocity. human beings die actual meaning you die actual. Gotta word in any respect cases! All in all, Halo will practice you for extremely aiming in an FPS pastime. CoD continues to be cool nonetheless. :)

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