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Store that will make a custom wig for you?

Does anyone know of an online store that will make you a custom wig?

I want a wig like this --->

but you can see my trouble in finding one like that xD


Ignore all the bows and accessories in the hair. I am just talking about the hair itself ^^

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  • Queien
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    1 decade ago
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    I ran into the people who run that site and asked them about wig commissions. They'll custom-make a wig for you for around the same amount as the prices in their shops, so, around $35-40. That's not bad for a wig.

  • jonis
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    4 years ago

    touch your close by American maximum cancers Society. they supply each maximum cancers affected person a loose new wig. The wigs are donated by ability of great wig manufacturers. it could't be custom, yet they have human hair wigs alongside with man made hair wigs. superb wigs. stable success.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    We are supplier of wig. Maybe you can have a look at our wig google ablum .

    Hope you will get what you want. If you find what you want ,pls feel free to tell me. I will give you a competitive price. My msn is

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