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Any help for us? my 8 year old child is screaming and crying he is scared to go to sleep,. What do I do?

he is losing his mind, and is in the room next to mine. I am scared to lay down with him as then he will never go to bed alone, I have tried special dream rocks for under his pillow, special animal to sleep with..but he is screaming and hollering kicking things. Any advice before I lose my mind.

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    My recommendation would be to talk to your child's doctor, my sister had this problem when she was younger and was diagnosed with anxiety. She would kick and scream and cry saying she couldn't sleep and her cry's were like she was losing her mind. Talk to your son and ask if anything is bothering him.

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    There is a lot of anxiety in the US about parents sharing a bed with their child. I want to stress that the most important thing you can do for your child's well being is to let him know you are there for him and you will never let any harm come to him. If that means you have to lay down with him to get him to sleep without all the trouble you are having now, then do it. I suggest his bed rather than yours simply so he will become comfortable in it. Make a bedtime ritual and don't deviate from it. Start a couple of hours before bedtime getting him wound down. Read with him right before lights out. Pick books about other kids that are scared of the dark/bed/separation so that he can relate to them. This will also help open the channels of communication. Bedtime is not a good time to discuss scary things but it is the best time to get an accurate answer of what his fears are. It is just a phase and it will pass and when he's 14 and won't speak to you anymore you will wish you had your 8 year old who wants to sleep with Mommy back!!! Good luck, Mom.

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    My 10 year old brother is the same way, and he always throws tantrums at bedtime, 5 or 6 times a week he sleeps in my bed or my parents, he just wont go to bed by himself and we are really sick of it

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    ask him why he is scared.

    If he is afraid of the dark then get a night lite

    if he is scared of monsters explain that monsters are not real then check closet and any where else just to make sure nothing scary is their. Have him look with you.

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    maybe he has night terrors. let him sleep in your bed. i was terrified of everything when i was younger, kind of still am. i wouldnt even sleep in my own bedroom until i was 12 i would just sleep in my moms recliner every night. good luck.

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    therapy, it really does help. ik a lot of ppl that have anxiety issues and therapy helped all of them. hope that helps :)

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