How much is this piano worth?

I would like to know the worth of my piano,

I have pictures of its stamp on it (I have no idea what it is called)

*piano experts help please*

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    You should contact a piano appraiser if you want a valuation. Be certain to have numerous digital photos ready, but it will only be an estimate.

    The above link states -- "Piano serial numbers can contribute little to any assessment of an instrument's value. Model numbers and photographs are useful - but even so, without a Personal Inspection by an expert engaged to provide an appraisal, you might not be a lot wiser for having someone "suggest a price" over the phone or through some email service.

    A lot will depend on 1/ how 'realistic' you are : 2/ how accurately you can describe the piano's condition : 3/ the integrity of the experts at the other end."

    Also look through these links -- -- $5 fee

    Using the serial number in the second image (25755) your piano was made probably made in 1952.


    1950-21000 1952-25000 1954-28500 1958-35200

    1951-23000 1953-27000 1956-31500 1960-37000

    Elsewhere on the website it states: "The House of Shoninger is one of the oldest among the piano manufacturers, having been established by B. Shoninger in 1850. During this long and celebrated career it has always been identified by which standards of manufacture and recognition from many of the world's great artists and authorities. At the Paris International Exposition, at the Rotterdain World's Fair and at the Chicago Exposition, Shoninger pianos obtained highest awards. The qualities that gained recognition for these instruments have not been acquired in one or two generations, but is the result of over years of expert piano building. The founder of this old firm gained note not only as a piano and organ builder, but also for the many inventions that materially helped to improve the pianos and organs lie made. His descendants have always borne in mind his high ideals and carried them out and in that way tamed the prestige that these instruments had already gained. They have a modern and up to date factory in which they produce both the upright and Grand models of all types that have met with the greatest appreciation from both the public and the trade. Today the name "Shoninger" means artistic leadership to a legion of music lovers and Shoninger progress ut the future will be dotted with new and greater triumphs, for never more imposing were the resources behind this time-honored name. Shoninger pianos are sold the world over and they will be found in the most representative piano stores in the United States."

    Also look through --

    Hope this helps.

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    Shoninger Upright Piano

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    piano worth

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    We have a E. Gabler & Bro Cabinet Grand Piano we need to sell and do not know how much it is worth... It is stamped with the numbers 50578..Can ANYONE HELP US... with some info it would be greatly appreciated.. we belive it was made in

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    This Site Might Help You.


    How much is this piano worth?

    I would like to know the worth of my piano,

    I have pictures of its stamp on it (I have no idea what it is called)

    *piano experts help please*

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